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Zensung’s vision is to create better driving experience, improve road safety and reduce pollution.

Zensung, named among the “25 hottest FinTech companies” in 2018 by APAC CIO Outlook, is a Singapore based FinTech-InsureTech company. Zensung has integrated AI and IoT in a mobile app that promotes safe driving and aims to facilitate the transformation of insurance industry into the digital era. AI and IoT provide streams of real-time data that can be leveraged to derive patterns, mitigate risks and transmit alerts to clients.


DRIVESUNG™ IS A MOBILE APPLICATION; a true partner to drivers. With the technology at helm this mobile application brings live as well as post driving analysis, to bring awareness and ensure safety. Application's web based arm can help with more tools that enables access to deeper drive analysis reports of a single or cumulative driving trips. Moreover, it can be a boon for fleet's safety management too.


Because it gives you a Drivesung™ Score! Till date driving analysis tools lack many inclusive factors like weather and visibility. But DRIVESUNG™’s unique points system considers more than 50 parameters to analyze driving performance. So now 'Driving performance can be measured' and so ‘can be managed'! Zensung has applied for a patent for its unique “Driver Score” methodology.

Is DRIVESUNGTM easy to use?

Absolutely! All one needs to do is 'start the trip' and 'end trip' at start and end of your driving and relax! DRIVESUNG™ will do all calculations while you are driving and handover analysis at end of your Trip. You can revisit your journey on map later to pinpoint driving lapses at particular locations. Fleet owner can control safety of entire fleet on fingertips with push notifications at help.

ZENSUNG ™ is a Singapore based FinTech company whose vision is to create better driving experience, less polluted environment and safety on the roads.


Driving Awareness

Enables you to track driving performance, corrects bad habits of driving and helps to develop awareness of your driving skills.

Driving Score

DRIVESUNG™’s Risk Analytics engine translates driving data into 'Driving Score'. ‘Driving Score' encourages drivers to improve their driving proficiency.

CO2 Footprint Per Trip

DRIVESUNG™’s Risk Analytics engine determines the CO2 emissions that arise during your trip. CO2 Footprint per trip is an amazing pollution control tool.

Geo Fencing

Define a virtual fence around a geographical area for your vehicles... A lost or diverted vehicles would come to your radar with SMS notifications.

SOS Alert

Drivesung™’s AI tool can detect abnormal driving pattern and send an SOS message to family member. This can potentially save lives! Abnormal driving pattern could be a result of a medical condition, major distraction while driving or even drinking and driving condition.


DRIVESUNG™'s provides various preconfigured analytical reports which allow drivers to gain truly valuable insights about their driving. Helps to improve on their driving skills thereby creating safer roads.

Roadside Assistance

In case of mishap, just go on to your app and contact Police, insurance company, friends and family members.

Safe Driving Competitions

Participate in public National / International competitions or create your own private competition. Idea is to learn and master good driving habits while competing….
and you can win great prizes too!

Fleets Risk Management

Application improves route efficiency, helps to reduce fuel cost and also enhances drivers’ safety which is turn is a direct saving of time and money. Provides visibility into fleet operations.Custom or default notifications would help to control the fleet.

We make safe driving fun!

Compete for safety! DRIVESUNG™'s unique initiative to promote safe driving world over. Idea is to learn and master safe driving while competing. Drivers will be judged on their 'Driving Score' during given time frame. Be it individuals or groups everyone can participate. Corporates can use this as CSR event to promote 'Safe Driving' amongst their staff.

  • Compete against Friends & Family
  • Participate in National and International competitions
  • Compete with your colleagues as part of CSR event
  • Leaderboard to track your progress

DRIVESUNGTM for Everyone!

Driven & Tested!

10 countries great results!

DRIVESUNG™ is extensively tested across the globe in 10 countries including US, Europe, Singapore, Asia and Africa

500k + kilometers!

DRIVESUNG™ has been tested over 500k kms till date and with ever widening user base It would soon target to cross millionkilometers.


For Press and Media Inquiries contact

Amod Dixit , Founder and CEO

Email: amod@zensung.com

7 Temasek Boulevard,
#44-01, Suntec Tower One,
Singapore 038987

Tel: (65) 6430 6737

  • Signing of MOU with TUGU CEO for Fleet management


    Jakarta – PT Asuransi Tugu Pratama Indonesia Tbk (Tugu Insurance) kembali bekerjasama dengan ZENSUNG Singapore PTE. LTD sebuah perusahaan FinTech yang berbasis di Singapura melalui Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Kerjasama yang dilakukan dengan cara mengembangkan produk-produk asuransi kendaraan yang dimiliki oleh Tugu Insurance (Motor Vehicle/MV) yang inovatif dan layanan yang relevan, serta dapat diakses melalui aplikasi seluler dan atau alat pelacak GPS, yang nantinya akan memenuhi kebutuhan para pengendara untuk ...

  • Zensung named as one of the Top 25 hottest Fintech in Asia in 2018.

    25 Hottest Fintech Companies - 2018

    Fintech is disrupting the traditional financial services, through cutting edge technologies like digital wallets and cryptocurrencies. Business organizations are harnessing the benefits of intuitive solutions for payment and financial transactions, by using technologies like AI, big data and cloud. CFOs across the globe are leaning towards automated solutions like robo-advisors and automated wealth management services, to get a low-cost and personalized portfolio that accesses their wealth management services by automating their investment opportunities ...

  • Indonesia Digital Innovation & Insurance Innovation Award 2019

    In a very short span of time our core technology and innovation has not just been noticed but alsobeen recognised in Indonesia, the largest insurance market in the ASEAN region. Our partner in Indonesia, Tugu Insurance, has been honoured with two awards in 2019..…

    INDONESIA DIGITAL INNOVATION AWARD 2019: Awarded by Warta Ekonomi, a leading Indonesian web portal. The award is very specific; it says, “Innovative Company in Providing an Intelligent Driving Assistant”. This driving assistant is “tdrive” mobile application, a customised version of DrivesungTM developed by Zensung exclusively for Tugu.

    INDONESIA INSURANCE INNOVATION AWARD 2019: Awarded by Thinknovate and Gatra.com, the award specifically recognises “tdrive” mobile application for innovation in safety education.

    “tdrive” has since then evolved further and provides the user option to buy insurance instantly from the application itself thus completing the digital insurance value chain. It is first such application in the entire ASEAN region to offer such functionality.

  • Parle Mahotsav 'Safe Driving'

    8th December, 2017 - Maharashtra Times

    Parle Mahotsav is a popular and famous event in elite suburbs of Mumbai and proudly completing 18 years this year. Eventually 18 is an age to qualify for Driving in India. So to celebrate the occasion the organizers have announced a DRIVESUNG™ Competition across India to promote safe driving amongst people and specifically amongst youngsters. DRIVESUNGTMis proud to be the integral platform for this event and be part of their safe driving drive.


    Think Safety, Think Drivesung™!

It's time to make your Journey safe!

Downloading DRIVESUNGTM can increase awareness to
drive better and safer !


Singapore Address

7 Temasek Boulevard,
#44-01, Suntec Tower One,
Singapore 038987

Tel: (65) 6430 6737

Email: info@zensung.com

India Address

ZENSUNG Software Pvt. Ltd.
301-303 KALA MANDIR,
Chitrakar Ketkar Marg,
Behind Dahanukar college,
Vileparle (E) , Mumbai 400057

Tel: +91 9869120192

Email: sachin@zensung.com

Malaysia Address

Zensung Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.
Wisma ADISS Udarama Complex
No. 1-3A, Jalan 1/64A
Kuala Lumpur, 50350

Tel: +60 11 35662964

Email: viraj@zensung.com

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